Devo Goalsport is the latest name in sports equipment innovation. Our primary focus is on developing equipment that has the users’ needs at heart. Working closely with industry leaders, sports coaches and grounds staff at all levels. Devo Goalsport develop products to suit the needs of facilities throughout the UK and beyond.

The goal revolution is here – To create our first major product we teamed up with our sister company, Mark Harrod Ltd  to create the DevoShift, multi-directional, goal with a lift and lower system and a streamlined appearance.

The original Easylift design was created and produced by Mark Harrod Ltd in February 2005 and have been the mainstay of training pitches throughout the world and have served the game well. Though the movement of these goals can often mean that players and coaches drag the goals sideways which can damage the pitch, the wheels and even the goal frame.

Standard systems can be tricky to move around tight spaces and can be difficult to store off the pitch. The patented design of the DevoShift wheel system allows movement in any direction, not just forwards and backwards. This extra freedom of movement alleviates many of the problems associated with traditional wheeled goals. While we would always recommend two people move a goal we have found that the DevoShift can be moved by just one person.

The DevoShift multi directional training goal

Devo Goalsport

Designed to conform to the latest British Standards

Devo Goalsport

Move in any direction on high quality and synthetic surfaces

Innovation – The DevoShift goal came from our own experience of using portable goals but we haven’t stopped there. We have a network of customers at all levels who approach us to tailor-make products. This collaboration has already created many new lines which are now on the market with Mark Harrod Ltd. See our product page for more details of the products we have produced through this approach.

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Devo Heavy Duty Portable Head Tennis / Volleyball

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